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Re: Tools for tracing TLS/SSL

Can regular openldap clients connect using SSL? eg. ldapsearch with the -ZZ option.

Are you using OpenLDAP library functions to connect in your client? eg. ldap_initialize(ld, "ldaps://ldapserver/").

OpenSSL comes with s_client and s_server. Check the man manpages for these. You should be able to establish a connection to your server using "openssl s_client ..." and your client should be able to establish a connect to the "openssl s_server" process as well.

As someone else said, you should run slapd with '-d 1' to get more info.

I don't think you should have to use SSL dump unless you are doing your own SSL API calls.


Dinesh Salegame wrote:

Thanks. I will try ethereal/ssldump. It is just that I have tried everything
(debug options, config etc..) to get the TLS/SSL to work with openldap. For
some reason the TLS/SSL handshake between the client and server fails. The
Client writes the key exchange and cipher spec but the server is not able to
read it. I want to see if these tools will help to check if the server
receives the client message or not.


Tony Earnshaw wrote:

fre, 2002-08-30 kl. 20:55 skrev Dinesh Salegame:

Is there any tools for tracing SSL packets ? I am having problems
getting a openldap client to talk to a opnldap server using TLS/SSL.

Slapd -d -1?

Or what could you, as a mortal, make of the content of TLS packets?

OTOH if you want to see the contents of IP packets, headers and all,




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