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RE: basic authentication error against ldap

fre, 2002-08-30 kl. 17:03 skrev Jose Correia (J):

> Ok you all seemed to be in silence to my request so I figured there
> must have been something posted earlier.

Personally I don't use Apache modules with LDAP yet, so I couldn't
contribute if I'd have wanted to.

> http://www.openldap.org/lists/openldap-bugs/200206/msg00126.html

> "The kbind code still exists but now must be manually enabled; it
> will be removed completely at some future date. "

I would guess that it will exist as long as users using things like
Netscape 4.7, Evolution 1.0.x and Exim 4.10 (e.g. me), and your Apache
module (e.g. you) don't start screaming if it's taken out.
> Now does this mean that support for ldapv2 has been completely
> removed? Or can I still configure with "env ol_enable_kbind=yes
> ./configure ..."

I didn't know "env ol_enable_kbind=yes ./configure ..." was possible. It
looks horrible to me. I enable it by putting "allow bind_v2" in
slapd.conf. The day it's taken out (I use Openldap 2.1.4 at the moment)
is the day I stop updating Openldap. Or the other things I mentioned
above will have to be rewritten for LDAPV3. I know that Evolution's done
it for versions 1.1 and 2.x, and that Exim's being adjusted now. Most
sane people don't use Netscape 4.7 seriously any more (I only use it for
testing things). I suppose that Apache will adjust in time.

> I know most of you don't know the module mod_authz_ldap (vs0.20) but
> does the error above mean that the module does not support ldapv3 and
> is therefore sending a ldapv2 request.

I wouldn't know, I'm afraid.

> Thanks in advance and please reply, even if it is to say to look
> somewhere else... I am trying hard here...

I just did my good deed of the day :-)




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