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RE: basic authentication error against ldap

>Ok you all seemed to be in silence to my request so I figured there
>must have been something posted earlier.

Or that this isn't really and OpenLDAP question,  but one about an apache module.

>I found this :
>which says : 
>Now does this mean that support for ldapv2 has been completely

No.  OpenLDAP 2.1.x only enables LDAPv3 by default.  You can enable LDAPv2,  see
the documentation.

>I know most of you don't know the module mod_authz_ldap (vs0.20) but
>does the error above mean that the module does not support ldapv3 and
>is therefore sending a ldapv2 request.

Yes,  that is exactly what it means.

>Thanks in advance and please reply, even if it is to say to look
>somewhere else... I am trying hard here...