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Re: shadowAccount

Howard Chu wrote:

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I'm currently working on converting the smbldap-tools to use the shadowAccount-objectClass.

I'm not sure about the mapping between /etc/shadow and shadowAccount.

Is "Days after password expires that account is disabled" the shadowExpire attribute?
Is "Days since Jan 1, 1970 that account is disabled" the shadowInactive attribute?
Is "A reserved field" the shadowFlag attribute?

struct spwd { char *sp_namp; /* user login name */ uid char *sp_pwdp; /* encrypted password */ userpassword long sp_lstchg; /* last password change */ shadowLastChange int sp_min; /* days until change allowed. */ shadowMin int sp_max; /* days before change required */ shadowMax int sp_warn; /* days warning for expiration */ shadowWarning int sp_inact; /* days before account inactive */ shadowInactive int sp_expire; /* date when account expires */ shadowExpire int sp_flag; /* reserved for future use */ shadowFlag }

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many thanks!