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ldap structure for multi domain.tld email hosting

I am attempting to setup an email hosting solution
with postfix, cyrus-imap, and openldap that will
support several of my current clients and those that I
wish to bring on in the future.  Each client has an
individual domain.tld or domains.tld with various
users under each domain.tld.

I've seen a few postings regarding the subject, but am
wondering what might be the best structure for this in

One posting suggested seperate o= attribs:

dn: uid=someuser, o=someorg, c=us
uid: someuser
userpassword: somepassword
maildrop: fulladdress@machine.dom.ain
mailacceptinggeneralid: someuser
mailacceptinggeneralid: somealias

Another posting suggested sperate ou= attribs:

dn: uid=tadmin2,ou=people,dc=mycoll,dc=edu
uid: tadmin2
cn: Theodore J. Admin
cn: Ted Admin
sn: Admin
givenName: Ted
o: My College
ou: staff
title: Systems Engineer
physicalDeliveryOfficeName: OIT
mail: tadmin2@mycoll.edu
employeeNumber: 9999999
telephoneNumber: 410-810-7400
homePostalAddress: 55 Regatta Bay Ct, Apt 656,
Baracuda, MD 21901
homePhone: 410-571-8288
objectClass: Person
objectClass: OrganizationalPerson
objectClass: inetOrgPerson
creatorsName: cn=admin, dc=mycoll, dc=edu
createTimestamp: 20020514233724Z
modifiersName: cn=admin, dc=mycoll, dc=edu
modifyTimestamp: 20020514233724Z

I would like to set the structure up such that I might
offer my clients access to their information on a per
organization basis and so each organization only has
access to their organization's information. 
Additionally, I would like to sasl2 authentication and
regexp mapping between the two.

Your comments and suggestions are appreciated.



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