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multiple replogfiles with slapd/slurpd

Besides standard slapd/slurpd replication we want to replicate "manually" to a passwd style file and therefore would need a second copy of the replication log file (for the same database).

I have experimented a little bit and looked into the documentation and
the source code. Here's what I found:
-  slapd now writes to a single replogfile (last reploglogfile directive
in slapd.conf)
-  slurpd processes this single file and writes to a work in progress
file slurpd.replog in its temporary directory. The file is periodically
cleaned up and rewritten after replication was successful by slurpd.
Therefore my first idea/trial to use this file is/was not successful.

What can be done?
- use one shot slurpd replication and "steal" replogfile before slurpd
  uses it.
-  modify slapd to write to more than one replogfile
 (e.g. by one or more add_replogfile directives in slapd.conf )
-  modify slurpd to write to files in addition to the current LDAP
 (e.g. by a slurpd.conf directive: replica file=/var/ldap/myreplica.log)
   -  perhaps allow slurpd to start scripts and pipe LDIF-information
      into it (e.g. by a sluprd.conf directive
      replica script=/usr/local/ldap/my_replication.sh )

The third solutions seems the best one to me; The first one works without changes to the software.

Any hints are appreciated.
BTW: We are using openldap-2.0.21 .

Walter Mueller - University of Innsbruck - Austria