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RE: "no structuralObjectClass operational attribute" ?

At 10:02 AM 2002-08-27, Darren Gamble wrote:
>Good day,
>> I suggest you switch now.
>Thank you for the clarification.  I have created an "experimental" tree
>under our own oid, changed the objectclasses and attributes and reimported
>the data.
>Just so you know where I was coming from:
>The documentation says:
>This OID arc is used by the OpenLDAP Project for experiments and other "the
>devil made me do it" uses. 

Ah, I see, you have somehow equated yourself as being the
OpenLDAP Project.  It should have been obvious that I was
referring to the collective entity, not to individuals who
might be associated with the project in some way.

Anyways, I have added clarity to the OpenLDAP OID registry
which the entry in Hallvard's OID database refers to.  I've also
updated the Admin Guide to provide additional clarify.  I'll also
send Hallvard yet another update to his database.

>But, at any rate, I am now only using our own OID.  The problem persists, of
>course.  Would you be willing to provide some assistance now?

I'll get back to the list on this in a bit.  You might
try providing a patch against test-ordered.ldif (and,
if necessary other files) which produces the problem
when test002 is ran.