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RE: "no structuralObjectClass operational attribute" ?

At 09:12 AM 2002-08-27, Darren Gamble wrote:
>I used the "Experimental" tree of the OpenLDAP namespace (under "666").
>According to the OpenLDAP documentation, that's what it's used for- to try
>out new objectclasses and attributes. Is this not correct?

The OpenLDAP namespace (including 666) is managed.  The
documentation says:
  OpenLDAP OIDs are assigned by Kurt Zeilenga <kurt@openldap.org>.

You never requested an assignment.  You just hijacked a number.
No place in the documentation does it say you should do that.

>Yes, once the server is operational, we'll enter them into our own namespace
>(we do have one already).

I suggest you switch now.