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Trying to confirm use of TLS...


  When running slapd with ldap:/// and ldaps:///, I understand that it
is listening on port 389 and 636.  If my clients have /etc/ldap.conf
with an entry of 'ssl start_tls', I assume that means that my session
is encrypted (i.e. all data passed back and forth from client -> server
is munged).  

  This being the case, I'm sure it is extremely critical to only allow
connections to slapd from trusted hosts, using tcp wrappers - correct?
If not, anybody can talk to my 389 port and therefore sniff.

  I have tested with just ldaps:///, and it works, but I fear I can't
use slurpd/replication unless I use 389 - is that right?

  Thanks for the info....

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