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Adding answers to the OpenLDAP Software FAQ

As most readers of this list have noticed, lots of the
frequently asked questions on the list.  To help users
find answers without resorting to posting previously
answered questions, it is suggested that when responding to
a FAQs on the list that one provide a reference to the
OpenLDAP Software FAQ answer.  If the answer is not yet
in the FAQ, add it before responding with the reference
(and note that the FAQ answer is new in your response).

This will not only provide the answer to this user and
help other users with the same question, it will let
community know that the Software FAQ is a place to find
answers AND encourage others to help maintain the
Software FAQ.

Adding answers to the Software FAQ is easy... browse
for an appropriate category and click on "New Answer in ...".


  Add new answers!
  But, please, do not post questions without answers. 


PS: You are also welcome to add answers in the
    General LDAP FAQ.