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Re: filter questioin

wenjie.zhao@sbamc.alcatel.com.cn writes:


I subscribe to this crowded NS for quite a long time!
Now comes a little question: I fould openLDAP v2.0.7 (solaris 7 local)
doesn't support the following filter:

'(attriName1 > atrriName2)'

while it supports filters like '(!(attriName1 = attriName2))' .
Do you know from which version the '>' or '<' filter is added?
Or did I wrote something in a wrong way?

'>' and '<' are not valid LDAP filters; use '>=' and '<=' instead
(for those attributes that support ordering match (see RFC 2254
for further details). I also note you're using a pretty old version;
upgrade is suggested to the latest stable (2.0.25) or release
(2.1.4) version.


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