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RE: deleting a database

Hi Andrew

It seems my way does work (as it should), I think I just didn't stop
the server properly or something. (being end of day and all!)

Anyway, its good to have confirmation.


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That would be the prescribed method.  I don't understand how/why you
picking up the same data.  Are you sure you are not using the wrong
file?  Is the data you don't want to include in the new ldif file?

I have rebuilt the database by deleting all
All changes are reflected.  Good luck.

 On Wed, 21 Aug 2002, Jose Correia (J) wrote:

> I've also tried deleting the contents in the database directory
> stopping slapd) and then restarting slapd and running my ldif file
> again... but it somehow still picks up the previous data.

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