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RE: LDAP/Kerberos user management

We did something like that, but we cheated a little bit by using a heimdal
KDC configured to use an LDAP key store instead of in a private database.
The build is a bit tricky because of some circular dependencies that can
develop, but it's doable. IIRC, the schema files needed to extend the user
object are readily available, too.

Matthew Hardin
Chief Technology Officer
Symas Corporation		Premier Open Source Development and Support

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Subject: LDAP/Kerberos user management

Hi, I am trying to find a method for a principal automatically being created
in a Kerberos database while at the same time adding a corresponding entry
to an LDAP database.  Has anyone heard of or is anyone using something like
this?  I have found some utilities for sale on the web (some might even
work), just looking for alternatives.  I am trying to automate the creation
of username/password/ldap_entry/Kerberos_principal/customer_web_site, which
the customer will be able to accomplish without IT intervention from a
common web site.

Thanks for any help or advice  --  John