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RE: make test fails: openldap 2.1.3 on RH 7.3

Good day,

> use debug
> start slapd with /usr/local/libexec/slapd -d 255 or so on 
> read slapd manual..
> then from there we can debug..

I too get a segfault when starting 2.1.3 (on Red Hat 7.2, though).  I
compiled an RPM so a make test was not done.

# /usr/sbin/slapd -d 4095
@(#) $OpenLDAP: slapd 2.1.3 (Mon Aug 19 12:34:49 MDT 2002) $
daemon_init: <null>
daemon_init: listen on ldap:///
daemon_init: 1 listeners to open...
daemon: socket() failed errno=97 (Address family not supported by protocol)
daemon: initialized ldap:///
daemon_init: 2 listeners opened
slapd init: initiated server.
Segmentation fault

slapadd works fine, though (well, it makes all of the expected files and
doesn't crash, at least).  I'm using bdb and ldbm.

2.0.21 and 2.0.25 startup fine.

Is there anything else that I could provide to help track the problem down?

Darren Gamble
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