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encoding problems


I have a problem searching with queries containing a ":".

I made a Perlscript wich searches for hosts in my LDAP tree by their 
Ethernet-Card-Hardwareaddress (eg 00:56:45:87:98:65). I store this as a 
simple octed string in the ldap tree. For my tests there was no problem 
entering a sample system with GQ into it (OpenLDAP accepted the value and 
stroed it).

I use the Net::LDAP Perl module to access the tree and had no problems till 
now but if i try to search for fields wich sotre a such Hardware address (and 
i enter a correct filter like: filter => "(myHWaddr=00:56:45:87:98:65)" ) i 
get 0 results but there must be some.

I assume that OpenLDAP has problems with the colon (":") because all my other 
queries work. So is there a method to have a 100% chance to correct 
encapsulate characters wich OpenLDAP interprets as something else?

Raffaele Sandrini <rasa@gmx.ch>
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