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RE: saslRegexp

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> tir, 2002-08-20 kl. 22:20 skrev Kurt D. Zeilenga:
> > The LDAP URL should not contain a hostpart.
> Might be as well to add that this is client-dependant. Not using an FQDN
> here with Exim smtp server, as an example, has cost me much detective
> work; without it, Exim as server (not client) will not accept the ldap
> server's public key (does a couple of DNS gethostbyname/numbers first to
> verify).

No. The LDAP URL in a sasl-regexp directive must not specify a host. LDAP
searches for sasl mapping will only use locally configured backends. This
has nothing to do with any clients, it is purely a slapd-internal feature.

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