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Extending the Schema


I try to extend my schema but it doesn't quite work and I don't know why.

I created a schema file and included it into the config. I know that the slapd server load that file because at first I had a typo in there and the server refused to start at all.

I tried to add the attribute to a peson but I allways get an Oject class violation back.

This is my schema file:
attributetype ( NAME 'deNOCGroveNOCR2OID'
                DESC 'NOCR2 OID'
                EQUALITY caseIgnoreMatch
                SUBSTR caseIgnoreSubstringsMatch
                SINGLE-VALUE )

objectclass ( NAME 'deNOCGroveNOCR2object'
                DESC 'mixin NOCR2 OID'
                MAY deNOCGroveNOCR2OID)

objectclass person

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