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RE: berkeley db max filesize

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> Hi all,
> I have a couple of questions inwhich I desperately need absolute answers
> (yes, I know, there are no absolutes).

> First, maximum filesize for berkeley DB.  What is it as it pretains to
> openldap?  In the FAQ on their site it says > 2Gb for sleepycat dbs if the
> FS supports it (which it does, ext3 under Linux 2.4.18 at this time).

This is mainly a Berkeley-specific question:

The default page size used by libldbm is 4096 bytes, which gives you 2^44
(16 terabytes) as the maximum database size. If you need more, you can
redefine the DEFAULT_DB_PAGE_SIZE macro and recompile libldbm. I doubt
that you'll need to do this any time soon.

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Oh damn, maybe I should have deleted this instead of replying...

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