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RE: Corrupt index files

Good day,

> > Do you get these problems if you 
> > use the ldbm
> > backend in 2.0.25 with BDB?
> Yes.  I got exactly the same results with 2.0.21, 2.0.23 and 
> 2.0.25 (yes, I
> have been trying very, very hard to get something working).

I've made an interesting discovery this afternoon.  I installed the Red Hat
2.0.23 RPM back on the test server, but on a hunch, I tried to load the
information back with slapadd rather than my backup of the .gdbm database

Lo and behold, using gdbm I STILL have this problem (although the entries
that it duplicates are different than the ones with bdb) !  I've never had
to import data in with slapadd before, so, I probably just never noticed
this.  I tried 2.0.25 with gdbm just for kicks; same result.

So, it looks like it's not the backend, but OpenLDAP itself, that is causing
these import problems.  It's probably a separate problem from my original
index problem.

I guess should consider following the CVS tree in order to get a working set
of tools.  A few past messages on the mailing list suggest that there are
some problematic differences in the API, though.  Should I be able to
upgrade to 2.1.X if the rest of my LDAP tools were compiled with 2.0.X ?

Is it possible that it's only slapadd that has this problem?  Furthermore,
if I want to attempt to work around this problem by recreating all of my
index files after a slapadd, which files do I need to keep intact?  I note
that slapindex doesn't seem to alter index files if they already exist.
Thanks again to everyone for their past and future help,

Darren Gamble
Planner, Regional Services
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Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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