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openLDAP clients and Microsoft Active Directory

	Hi, I am rather new to LDAP but what I am trying to do should be
simple. We have a Microsoft Active Directory server which I would like
to query using ldapsearch. So far I have been completely unsuccessful,
although I have tried everything that I could find on the web about it.

Here is my ldap.conf file (edited for privacy issues):
# LDAP Defaults
URI	ldap://<domain>.com/CN=Configuration,DC=tahoenetworks,DC=com

HOST <active directory server ip>
BASE dc=<domain>,dc=com
refarrals	no
deref		never

	 and this is the result that I get from the following search:
>ldapsearch -x "(objectcategory=person)"
version: 2

# filter: (objectcategory=person)
# requesting: ALL

# search reference
ref: ldap://tahoenetworks.com/CN=Configuration,DC=tahoenetworks,DC=com

# search result
search: 2
result: 0 Success

# numResponses: 2
# numReferences: 1

	Could anyone help me with information on how I can query the MS server?

	Thanx in advance
		-- Mitko

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		-- Kim Hubbard