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Compile issues with LDAP

I sent this message a few weeks ago to the Dev list by mistake, but thought
I would try here to see if anyone has run into this or might have some

I am trying to compile an LDAP Client for Mac OSX 10.1.5 using Codewarrior
Pro 7. I have included the LDAP framework in my project and I am calling
ldap.h from my main file, but I get a series of errors, the first one is
shown below that has me a bit mystified. It seems as if I am missing a
simple library or setting in Codewarrior, or perhaps another file from the
LDAP stuff, but I am not sure. Any help would be appreciated.

Mac OSX 10.1.5
Codewarrior Pro7: Mach-O project

Error   : declaration syntax error
ldap.h line 160   typedef struct ldapapiinfo {

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