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Re: Re[2]: LDAP & MYSQL is it possible?

ons, 2002-08-14 kl. 14:35 skrev Peter A. Savitch:

> >> Is it possible to make OpenLdap work with Mysql instead of Berkeley DB?

> TE> No. MySQL is a completely different sort of database. GNU and Berkeley
> TE> library support are built into Openldap; MySQL uses Berkeley libraries
> TE> itself, so Berkeley support is built into MySQL, too.

> Negative, sir ;-) The answer is *YES* by means of MySQL or BDB are
> just BACK-END's for OpenLDAP, and RFC2251 LDAPv3 is a FRONT-END for
> OpenLDAP.

> MySQL backend by itself can use BDB for it's storage, OpenLDAP would
> never know about it. I prefer to not use back-sql.

Hi Peter!

Well, in spite of my signature I read the whole thing and am that much
wiser, thanks :-)

I didn't know of it's existence or that it was possible - and if you
look at what's said, it's obviously a stopgap. A directory server is a
directory server and an SQL database server is an SQL database server.
I'd personally shie away from it in the same way I'd shie away from
stuffing my BIND DNS records into an ldap directory (and then having to
replicate them in case the ldap server crashes), instead of using the
enormous dedicated possibilities, including replicaton, that BIND

Nevertheless, it's possible. Yippee! Isn't nature wonderful?



Tony Earnshaw

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