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Re: ldap_add: Insufficient access

On Wed, Aug 14, 2002 at 03:59:00PM +0800, faizal wrote:

> suffix          "dc=ldap,dc=mmu.edu.my,dc=my"
> rootdn         "cn=Manager,dc=mmu.edu.my,dc=my"

> rootpw         secret

> When i run [root@oracle openldap]
>  ldapadd -x -D "cn=Manager,dc=mmu.edu.my,dc=my" -W -f  MMU.ldif
> it will ask the password and i key in secret as i configure inside the
> slapd.conf
> But the error will come out "ldap_bind: Invalid credentials"

I do not see any reason for that in the information you sent. I
suggest running the server with debugging turned on to see what is
happenning at that end. Try something like:

	slapd -d 781

Look in slapd.conf(5) for the loglevel options, and add together all
the ones you want.

Remember also that you must restart slapd after making any changes to
slapd.conf, and check that your ldapadd really is connecting to the
slapd you have just configured and not some other one!

Probably not associated with your problem, but worth noting anyway:
you are misusing the 'dc' attribute in the DN. You have
"dc=ldap,dc=mmu.edu.my,dc=my" where the first dc is a fully-qualified
domain name. 'dc' is Domain Component: it is intended to hold just one
component of the FQDN, so it would be more correct to use:


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