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Re: Wildcard searches

Am Dienstag, 13. August 2002 19:47 schrieb edg72:
> Hi,
> My company is deploying an OpenLDAP (2.0.21) server with > 100K
> entries in the directory. On that LDAP server we have to do wilcard
> searches for functional reasons. The problem, however, is that when
> I perform such a wilcard search, it takes more than 100 seconds to
> complete! If I search for an exact match (no wildcard), the search
> takes about 0.15 seconds. Is there any way of improving the search
> time? I've already experimented with the SLAPD_LDBM_MIN_MAXIDS
> parameter (increased it from 8192 to 128000 and 256000) in
> /include/ldap_defaults.h. When I increased that parameter, I did
> completely rebuild OpenLDAP 2.0.21, cleared its directory contents
> and re-added the entries. But unfortunately I don't see any
> improvements in wildcard search time.

Have you tried to index more (and more specific) attributes?
Indexing the most searched attributes should speed up the searches a 
And, of course, try to limit the searches to the absolut minimal 
amount. (Specify an appropriate Base-DN ans Scope)
Another Idea is, trying to change the schema/structure to allow more 
specific searches.

Ingo Schaefer