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Re: Perplexed

fre, 2002-08-09 kl. 21:44 skrev Caylan Van Larson:
> > >"Never use IP numbers for hostnames, always use FQDNs". Well, for me
> > >TLS/SSL only works with my IP number (, not localhost. or
> > >'uname -n' - the FQDN "billy.demon.nl". 

> I think you are having because the certificates you create must be for the 
> fqdn you are addressing in ldap.conf.

My fqdn is "localhost. " Because my notebook is not on the internet the
whole time. When it *is* on the Internet, it suddenly becomes
billy.demon.nl with a static ppp0 IP number, known on the Internet. If I
try with "localhost.", which is what my BIND DNS and /etc/hosts know,
ldap with TLS doesn't work with any sort of an fqdn. It does work with

> This means that if on your client 
> machine /etc/ldap.conf points to your ldap server at ldap.domain.com your 
> certificates must be for ldap.domain.com.  If they differ ssl/tls will puke.

Yes, basically that's what I discovered. The point is, that it is not
possible to give a FQDN; I have to give an IP number. Otherwise it
doesn't work. Believe me, I've tried everything else :-)

My question was: Why does everyone tell me not to do this (otherwise
nothing will work) and for me this is the only thing that works?




Tony Earnshaw

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