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[Bruno Bonfils <asyd@debian-fr.org>] use ldap for manage configuration files

Hi all,

i'm using OpenLDAP for 1 year, and i love very much this
tool. However, i'm suprise to see there are only few softwares which
supports LDAP. For example, it's possible to use LDAP with Apache, but
only for authentication purposes, not for store the configuration
file. And it's the same problem with lot of software. 

That's why i'm think it's a good idea to write a small application
which provide a way for use LDAP server to store configurations files
for any softwares.

The idea seem very (sic) simple :

- writing a small library which redefine fopen function
- add this library to LD_PRELOAD

At this time, i'm success to write a small library which redefine
fopen function, do a printf, and finally call standard fopen. I just
need to add ldap functions at this point.

Since i'm not a C hardcoder (just a beginner who knows the base), i
want to have your opinions,

do you think it's possible ? i'm afraid with fopen and 'writing'
mode. But i guess most of software just use 'r' for opening theirs

(moreover, which library use for hash string with string ? filename
<-> md5sum)

I attach a small schema for explain the library process.

Attachment: schema
Description: library process

Thank you very much, and sorry for my bad english.

Bruno Bonfils                                 http://www.debian-fr.org