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Re: Increase ldap processing speed

Do Duc Huy:
> Hi all openldap user!
>   I am using openldap in a PC with chip Pentium III 800Mhz, 
>   128 MB RAM and 20GB IDE Hardisk. When my ldap entries grown 
>   up to 100.000, ldap server responses became too slow. 
>   How can I increase the ldap processing speed?
>   Is there any one know how many entries openldap can store?

Try the following steps:
1. Increase caching on your ldap-server
2. Extend your use of indeces.
3. RAM-modules are cheap.. 128 MB on a server is a bit low.
   This might actually boost things up for you if you add more RAM.
4. Are you running in ATA100-mode or something similar?
   If not, this might be an idea.

I also would be careful with running server-stuff on IDE-disks
if performance and liability are issues for your concern.
SCSI is your servers best friend :-)

Best regards

Bjørn Ove Grøtan
IT-dept. NTNU