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Re: problem in clearing ldap cache

Neelam Salaria wrote:

Hello everyone,


I had an earlier implementaion of ldap on linux redhat 7.0 server
Now I have upgraded to linux 7.2 and upgraded the openldap to openldap-2.0.21-1

I would like to change the entire database , even after deleting the dir /var/lib/ldap that contains the data base ( I have an ldbm data base) and even commenting the dn entries in the ldap file the ldap search still returns all the entries,

delete /var/lib/ldap, start the ldap server, and use ldapadd to put in the new data.

In this if I want to add any entry it says entry already exists but from any windows OE or Outlook cleint if I try the same search it says no such entry on the server. can anyone tell me how to empty the ldap cache?

delete above dir.

I want to put the entire database afresh
Even after rebooting the server, ldapsearch still returns all the entries.

follow steps as above.

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