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problems with initial directory creation on 2.0.23


    A good day to you all. i am currently trying out openldap 2.0.23, which came with the Red Hat 7.3 installation. i ran into problems while trying to create the initial directory -- i.e. when running ldapadd, i keep getting "could not open dn2id.gdbm", "could not open id2entry.gdbm" errors in syslog.

    i did manage to get around this problem by:

1. chmod 777 /path/to/ldap/files

2. ldapadd ....

3. chmod 750 -R /path/to/ldap/files


    After step 3, i can now add entries either by using an ldap client of thru ldapadd. Is this the normal process, or am i doing something wrong?



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