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Re: Copying master slapd database to slave

On 1 Aug 2002, Adam Williams wrote:

> >I was just wondering how I should get the contents of a master 
> >slapd server to a new slave.  The two servers are _not_ identically 
> >configured.  The master slapd server serves a number of databases 
> >and the slave only handles one.  I've tried to simply copy all the 
> >appropriate database files from one server to the other and this 
> >does not seem to work.  The files transfer and the slave starts, 
> >but none of the transfered data is visible.
> No, that generally doesn't work.
> >Can I export all the data in the master slapd server to an ldif 
> >file and import it in the other database?  Or is there a better 
> Sure, slapcat -n #, slapadd
> >way?  I'm going to have to do this literally hundreds of times, so 
> >I'm hoping to find the most efficient and reliable way to do this.
> If you don't have too much data you can use the 'automatic' method I
> describe in
> ftp://kalamazoolinux.org/pub/pdf/ldapv3.pdf

I checked.  I see you say to do something like:
ldapsearch -LLL -D "bind_dn" -w "bind_password" "(objectClass=*)" | 
slapadd -n 1

Does that catch entries that are added to the server while this process is
running?  What about the entries that are added after this process and
before the master slapd is added?  Will those be captured in the process?

- Christoph