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Re: Concurrency Control on LDAP?

LDAP, the protocol, allows for concurrency.  That is,
a client issue operations without waiting for previous
operations to complete and a server is free to process
these operations concurrently.

The LDAP C API supports this via what is known as the
"async" API.   The "concurrency" draft (now expired)
offered an alternative API for managing concurrent
operations.  The draft hasn't been implemented...
apparently at no great lost (developers can just use
the "async" API).


At 01:59 PM 2002-08-04, Rohit Potnis wrote:
>Hi all,
>I believe LDAP was not meant to handle Concurrency. 
>A question:
>What, then, is the motivation of providing Concurrency Control on LDAP as
>mentioned in the to-do list: 
>What justification can be provided regarding:
>1. applications might want Concurrency Concurrency over LDAP?
>2. Performance aspects of implementing Concurrency Control over LDAP.
>Has there been any work done here?
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