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Continued instability on Solaris 7

Didn't receive any response to earlier postings, so one last try to see if
anyone else is having problems (or success!) on Solaris 7 with OpenLDAP

I've upgraded to ENG_RELEASE_2_1 as of about a week ago, and made sure I
build with BDB 4.0.14 statically linked.  Built with GCC 2.95.2.

Replication stops on random occasions, either after a couple of days or a
couple of hours.  The master (very lightly loaded) shows entries written
to the replog, and the slurpd.status log shows entries also picked up.

Unfortunately, nothing updates in the slave (same software build). 
Sending a SIGTERM to the slave slapd causes it to stop responding and
suddenly begin consuming 80% of CPU, until sent a SIGKILL.  Restarting it
afterwards gets back to normal replication (for a while).  I have yet to
find something in the log indicating the issue.

I've rebuilt and reindexed the databases (LDBM backend) to no avail.  Is
the BDB backend considered better for these purposes?  I'm using LDBM
since it's older (and I hoped more mature) than the bdb backend...

Does anyone have any insight into why this might happen?  The instability
is really causing havoc on my network, since I can't depend on whether
changes get written.  Thanks in advance for any advice.

Alan Sparks, UNIX/Linux Systems Administrator