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Re: LDAP max concurrent connections

On Monday 05 August 2002 7:34 am, Do Duc Huy wrote:
> Dear all ldap user!
> Is there any one know how to check the maximum concurrent connections of
> ldap server and how to increase it? Thanks for any instructions

To check for connections you can do something like :

netstat -an | grep -c ":389"

This will give you a list of the connections in any state, you might want to 
grep down further by running it through something like this to see how many active connections you have like this :

netstat -an | grep ":389" | grep -c EST (I think, its been a while since I did 

To increase the amount of clients the server can handle, check out these 
sections in the man pages :

       concurrency <integer>
              Specify  a  desired level of concurrency.  Provided
              to the underlying thread system  as  a  hint.   The
              default is not to provide any hint.

       threads <integer>
              Specify the maximum  size  of  the  primary  thread
              pool.  The default is 32.

Also make sure tour cache is set right.

Someone correct me if I am wrong :)


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