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Question on ldap.conf

Hi all,

i've been reading man 5 ldap.conf of v2.1.3 more than once.

There seem to be big differences to ldap.conf of v2.0.x.

The option "uri" seems not to exist anymore ?

Also i couldn't find the option "rootbinddn",
so do i not need it anymore ?
What about the file "ldap.secret" now ?

I couldn't find the option "ssl" which i used as
"ssl start_tls".
What's the option i have to use now ?

My scenario is the following :

I want to run two different servers (master/slave) on one computer.

They shall run on different ports (example: 389/636 , 3389/3636).

Do i have to provide different ldap.conf files for them,
when i use slurpd for replication ?
(Anf if, how do i configure this ?)

What about the option "HOST" ?
The man-page says :
"... Specifies the name(s) of an LDAP server(s) to which
the  ldap  library  should  connect."

What does this mean in my scenario, do i have to put all four 
combinations for my serveradresses there 
( master:389 master:636 slave:3389 slave:3636) ?

greets Harry