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RE: OpenLDAP/Windows 2000 LDAP Replication

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> OpenLDAP build on windows either via Cygwin or Native build.  The FAQ
> has info on how to get both those going.

I tend not to recommend the actual Cygwin build; the use of the Cygwin DLL
can be a problem. The MinGW build using Cygwin shell tools is the easiest,
and produces native binaries. Also building this way allows you to test the
package using the regular test suite that's part of the OpenLDAP source tree.

> I use the Native build using MS Visual C 6.  If you go that route you
> will have to get your dependency libraries ( cyrus 1.x if you use cyrus,
> berkeley db, gnu regex, OpenSSL ).  There are one or two build errors in
> the 2.1.3 source right now for the native build, the list archive should
> have more info.

Also a note, Cygwin includes gnu regex but for some reason the bundled
library fails to work with OpenLDAP. I always wind up having to build the
regex library separately instead of using the bundled one, and I use the
Henry Spencer library.

The 2.1.3 source builds cleanly for MinGW and Cygwin. The CVS HEAD has
patches to clean up some of the problems in the MSVC build. I expect that
2.1.4 will fix any remaining MSVC glitches.
> fivesight seems to have stopped offering binaries from 2.0.19, so I
> guess you may have to build your own.

You can also get binaries from us at Symas. We also offer commercial support
contracts for our builds; you can be confident that they work properly and
any problems that are discovered get fixed correctly. I don't mean to turn
this into a commercial ad so I'll shut up here.

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