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OpenLDAP/Windows 2000 LDAP Replication

Does anyone know of a windows-based LDAP server that will work with OpenLDAP in
multiple-master replication (or possibly other replication processes)?

I have been looking at various Windows 2000-based LDAP servers in an effort to
find one that will replicate with OpenLDAP. The major difficulty in replication
with a non-OpenLDAP server seems to be the standards compliance in (commerical)
windows-based LDAP servers.

I have looked at the Windows port of OpenLDAP by FiveSight Technologies, Inc.
Can anyone offer an opinion or share experiences with FiveSight's Windows

I have also looked at iPlanet (now called Sun ONE Directory Server), but a
problem seems to exist with iPlanet's "unique schemas that need to migrate their
way into OpenLDAP". Persons seem to have been able to overcome this by altering
the OpenLDAP schemas via Perl. (see
iPlanet/OpenLDAP multiple-master replication does not look like an easily think
to implement or maintain, though.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.




Mark Jacobson

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