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Re: What is ldap.h?

>I am trying to install pam_ldap, and nss_ldap on a FreeBSD server.
>No matter how I go about it, it keeps giving me errors during the
>configure: error: could not locate <ldap.h>
>I was referred to OpenLDAP to solve my problem. However, I was told to
>install the developers package.
>I can't find anything regarding this on the OpenLDAP site. All I see is the
>LDAP Server.

If you built it from source and did a make install you should have
everything.  Some distros (RedHat for example) like to break things down
into packages like openldap-libraries, openldap-clients, openldap-devel,
etc.... That way you only have to put in what you want.

>Could someone please tell me what I need to do to get these installed.

Do a make distclean in your pam_dap dir and try ./configure again.
Sometime configure scripts cache things and don't detect changes in the
build environ.  If that fails find where ldap.h is and "export
CPPFLAGS=-I{dir where ldap.h is}"  Then ./configure again.

Also find an "Intro to C" text.  Knowing at least how the build process
works is imperitive to working with an OS like *BSD.