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Re: What is ldap.h?

Its looking for the ldap.h file that gets installed on your system when you 
compile and install an openldap server from source.  If you have installed 
from an rpm, it will likely not be there.  You need to download the openldap 
tarball of your version of choice and you will find all you need in there.
If you really want to, you can simply copy the relevant .h files into 
/usr/local/include, however there is a risk that you might put the wron 
versons in there and your pam and nss won't work.  Be sure the versions of 
your intalled ldap server match that you the tarball you download if you are 
going to try this.  I however suggest that the safest method is to recompile 
the ldap server from source.


On Friday 02 August 2002 16:55, Soheil Shaghaghi wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I am trying to install pam_ldap, and nss_ldap on a FreeBSD server.
> No matter how I go about it, it keeps giving me errors during the
> configure:
> configure: error: could not locate <ldap.h>
> I was referred to OpenLDAP to solve my problem. However, I was told to
> install the developers package.
> I can't find anything regarding this on the OpenLDAP site. All I see is the
> LDAP Server.
> Could someone please tell me what I need to do to get these installed.
> Thanks so much,
> Soheil