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Re: my searchs doesn't use indexes

Darren Gamble wrote:
> A bit of an aside here (and I hope this is not a dumb question)... my config
> file has "database ldbm" (from the default config) but my actual database
> files are all ".gdbm".  I am using Berkeley DB 3.3.11 as well, which appears
> to be installed by default with Red Hat 7.3 .  Is the extension of the
> filenames misleading as to the database type that I'm using?  Am I actually
> using ldbm, or gdbm?  I've always just installed a backend and forgotten
> about it...

Sorry, typo on my part.  Of course the suffix is ".gdbm".  The name of
the LDAP backend is "ldbm"; the name of the database is GDBM.  The
"ldbm" backend can also be used with Berkeley DB, so no need to change
your LDAP configuration if you decide to switch.  You do have to
dump/reload the database, though.  The "bdb" LDAP backend requires the
Berkeley DB database as it uses some features that GDBM lacks such as
record locking.  I'm not sure whether switching from "ldbm" to "bdb"
requires a dump/reload.

Did that make sense?
> Hope this helps, and hope I get helped. =)
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