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slapd 2.1.3 stops updating, spins out

Continuing saga of tryig to get a reliable 2.1.3 on Solaris 7...

Replication stopped again today.  Checking slurpd.replogs, seems to show
that slurpd is picking up the slapd replog and attempting to apply it to
no avail.  Restart of master server and slurpd doesn't help.

Went to slave (apparently responding OK to queries), and SIGTERM it to
restart it.  (Running an LDBM backend).  Slapd does not terminate, instead
stops responding to queries and begins spinning at 70% CPU usage.  Had to
SIGKILL it.  No idea yet if database corrupted.

Does this sound like anything to anyone?  Getting desperate to stabilize
it.  File descriptors are umlimited to 1024, Solaris 7 at recent

If there's anything else I can post to help diagnose the problem, please
let me know...  Thanks mucho in advance.

Alan Sparks, UNIX/Linux Systems Administrator