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Re: Authentication problem

ons, 2002-07-31 kl. 16:09 skrev Alex Huth:

> So, my problem is that I've setup the server, change the files and can't logon 
> with pam-support. When I try to logon with the rootdn the following occours:
> LDAP Password:
> Password:

> Login incorrect

> What's happened? I've changed the /etc/ldap.conf & system-auth from pam.d!

What does work and what doesn't? Appart from trying to log in (via a
Unix shell?).

All the answers are in the archives, you know. Most for this month.

> setup the server

So you installed Unix for the first time in your life?

> change the files

So you did 'rm -r *' as root in your host's root directory?

> can't logon with pam-support

No, not if you just deleted your "/" directory.




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