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Re: LDAP & squid

>>>>> "Harry" == Harry Rüter <harry_rueter@gmx.de> writes:

    Harry> Hi, i'm looking for a possibility to authenticate the
    Harry> access to the squid-server against a ldap-server.

    Harry> Until now i only could find the program which is packaged
    Harry> to the squid source (squid_ldap_auth) which seems not to be
    Harry> too good.

I could not get it to work successfully either. I tested quite a lot
of modules to squid, but the one that worked was one by 'Alan Sparks'.

Last time I looked for it (a couple of weeks ago) I could not find it,
but luckily I had it on a backup tape. It can be found at


I take _NO_ responsability for it, I just put it there for my own