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Problems with Attributes


I want to use OpenLDAP with Entrust/PKI 4.0. I´ve found a document, which
contains the neccessary schematas and attributes (described in ASN.1)

But I´ve problems in migrating this to my OpenLDAP-server. This is one
spezification and I don´t know, how to integrate this into my own

attributeCertificate ATTRIBUTE ::= {
WITH SYNTAX AttributeCertificate
ID id-nsn-at-attributeCertificate }

AttributeCertificate ::= SIGNED {AttributeCertificateInfo}

AttributeCertificateInfo ::= SEQUENCE {
owner CHOICE {
baseCertificateID [0] IssuerSerial,
entityName [1] Name } -- set to CA Name
issuer Name, -- issuer name
Number CertificateSerialNumber,
validity Validity,
attributes SEQUENCE OF Attribute,
issuerUniqueID UniqueIdentifier OPTIONAL }

The OID for attributeCertificate is 1 2 840 113533 7 68 10

Can anybody help me?

Oliver Pürckhauer

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