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Re: * not working in search

The LDAPSyntax > Syntax: DESC 'IA5 String'
or printable string is NOT the cause for the first ldapsearch failure. The
point is that in the first LDAP search filter, you 've specified a
SUBSTRING search. I guess you could probably take a look at you schema
file that defines the schema element "aptMailDeliver". If there is NO
substring matchingrule specified, you would NOT be able to do a substring
search. Please add the required substring matchingrule for this attribute
if you want to do substring search.
The entry in the schema could look like:

attributetype (  oid
                        NAME  'apMailDeliver'
                        DESC 'some description here'
                        EQUALITY caseIgnoreIA5Match / caseExactIA5Match
                        SUBSTR caseIgnoreIA5SubstringsMatch  /
                        SYNTAX{256} )

Then edit your slapd.conf file, for instance to give an index to this
attribute allowing substring indexing

index  apMailDeliver  pres,eq,sub

In the second ldapsearch things were obvious, it's an equality exact
search. So you got your results without substring search.



Matthew Schumacher wrote:

> List,
> Anyone know why this doesn't work:
> ldapsearch -LLL "(aptMailDeliver=t*)"
> but this does:
> ldapsearch -LLL "(aptMailDeliver=test)"
> I used for the string syntax.  Does that
> matter for searching?
> Thanks,
> schu