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Version 2.1.3: reliable on Solaris7?

Have to ask, but has this version tested reliably for people?  I'm having
replication problems of major sorts... I haven't had any outright crashes
yet, but replication fails after a day's uptime.  Today, replication
failed until I restarted the slave -- a manual test sending the change
via ldapmodify binding as the replication DN produced no error message, but
the attribute would not change - until I restarted the server and tried

Yesterday, the master just stopped writing rep logs until the server was
restarted.  haven't figured that one out yet either....

Anyone out there using 2.1.3 in a production (or quasi-production)
Solaris environment with good luck?  I'd drop back to 2.0.x, but I really
some of the 2.1.x stuff including the monitor backend...

Sorry, just getting nervous...

Alan Sparks, UNIX/Linux Systems Administrator    <asparks@doublesparks.net>