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Re: Newbie question / defining directory values

tir, 2002-07-30 kl. 16:53 skrev Chad Day:

> I don't understand how to define what values I want to keep track of.

> In LDAP, I want to have records for Password, city, state, zip, etc.  I'm
> unsure of where/how in slapd.conf this goes.. my attempts to try to figure
> it so far have led to slapd not starting each time I make a change, as I'm
> not doing it correctly.. can someone help me out or post a sample slapd.conf
> file with custom fields and such?

It don't work like that (at least, not as far as I'm concerned).

You post us what you've done so far, and we tell you what you should
have done otherwise.

For example, records for "city, state, zip, etc." don't go in
slapd.conf, they go somewhere else.

I've just got a =tiny= feeling that you don't like reading. See my
signature below, neither do I. But without it, you don't get far.




Tony Earnshaw

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