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Re: AW: modifyTimestamp

On Tuesday 30 July 2002 10:56 am, Andrew McCall wrote:
> >        If ldapsearch finds one or more  entries,  the  attributes
> >        specified by attrs are returned.  If * is listed, all user
> >        attributes are returned.  If + is listed, all  operational
> >        attributes  are  returned.   If  no  attrs are listed, all
> >        attributes are  returned.   If  only  1.1  is  listed,  no
> >        attributes will be returned.
> Well in that case, this is broken here.
> If I don't include a * or a + then I get the same as what I would if I just
> did a * - and that doesn't include any operational attributes.

OK - its just me being dumb :)

I took another look at the mail from Christoph Neumann and noticed he had single quotes around the * and +, so I tried it again like this :

ldapsearch -h saturn.oldham.gov.uk -x -D "cn=administrator,o=oldhammbc,c=uk" 
-b "o=oldhammbc,c=uk" -W -L "uid=supam01" '*' '+'  > supam01.ldif

 - and it returned all the information I wanted.

Thanks for the help to all those who replied!


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