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Re: Difficulty searching by groupOfNames member

Kristin Engstrom wrote:
> Alas, I cannot even get Jessica Coffin (the first member listed) to show up.

Good news, it works now for me.

I updated yesterday my OpenLDAP version.
I'm now running openldap-2.0.25 and the following command returned the
result I expected :

./ldapsearch -x -b "o=atempo,c=US" -D "cn=admin,o=atempo,c=US" -w secret
"(&(objectclass=groupOfNames) (member=CN=Bruno ETEVE, OU=HQ, OU=FRANCE,
o=atempo, c=US))"

Bruno Eteve -*- 01 64 86 83 00 -*- http://www.atempo.com
Don't believe everything you hear or anything you say.