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Re: AW: modifyTimestamp

Today at 2:33pm, Manuel Vazquez wrote:

> On my machine, it does! For every entry these attributes do exist! But not
> for the whole thing, just for the entries.

I'm running a 2.0.23 system and if I use ldapadd, those fields are
created but if I use slapadd they are not....

> I think you may have to manually put modifiersName, modifyTimestamp,
> creatorsName and createTimestamp in the record for the user before it
> will be used - I think this is stupid if, I think that you should just
> put turn it on and it does everything for you!

How are you adding/modifying users?  Are you using ldapadd/ldapmodify
(or some kind of bind/modify communication with a running slapd) or are
you using slapadd with the server shutdown?

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