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FW: create new objectclass in new schema

The problem in my schema is the OID.
I insert a OID and I have resolved the problem about slapd starting. I
could resolve the problem changing all standard schema to add the
attributes necessary And remove the objectclass in ldif and from the us
source tool With this change I have: 1)resolve partial import user (I
have substitute where necessary the objectclass with new one). 2)We
don't have to change us java tool to intoduce mail user or/and samba
user Not all user have the same issues and so not all have the same
objectclass. 3)The next release I will not have to change the schema (I
hope). It seems to work, without insert the objectclass organizationUnit
and posixGroup. but insert my new objectclass build how I have just

For example:

#my ldif file
dn: ou=Equity,o=fineco sgr,o=Fineco Investimenti,c=IT
uid: Equity
objectClass: top
objectClass: qmailUser
objectClass: organizationalUnit
mailHost: mail.finecoinvestimenti.it
accountStatus: active
deliveryMode: ForwardOnly
mail: equity@mail
mailAlternateAddress: fax24@mail
facsimileTelephoneNumber: +39.02.30321024
mVzdG  ltZW50aS5pdApyLnJpY2NpYXJkZWxsaUBmaW5lY29pbnZlc3RpbWVudGkuaXQ=
mailForwardingAddress: pino@mail
mailForwardingAddress: gino@mail
street: Via Boito,10
gidNumber: 224
l: Milano
st: MI
businessCategory: SGR
postalCode: 20121
cn: equity
ou: equity

When I imported this file I had the messege similar to: 

ldap_add: Object class violation (65)
additional info: invalid structural object class chain

With this schema I can to introduce all attributes of organizationalUnit
and posixGroup In one. Thank Kurt and Lunke